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Port of Benton’s Commission is a publicly-elected board that sets Port policies and long-term objectives. The Commission also appoints the Port’s executive director, who manages day-to-day operations.

Each Commissioner represents residents of a specific district within the Port boundaries. Port of Benton boundaries include two-thirds of Benton County encompassing North Richland, Benton City and Prosser. Commissioners serve a six-year term.

Commission meetings begin at 8:30 a.m. unless the meeting notice below specifies a different start time.

Meetings, unless otherwise noted, will be held at Port of Benton’s administration building at 3250 Port of Benton Boulevard in Richland.

Next Commission Meeting

Notice: The call-in number and broadcast link will be posted here by 7:30 a.m. on the day of the Commission meeting.

Upcoming Commission Meetings

June 12, 2024Regular & Public Hearing8:30 a.m.Port of Benton Commission Meeting Room, 3250 Port of Benton Blvd., Richland, WA

The call-in number and broadcast link will be posted on this webpage by 7:30 a.m. on the day of the Commission meeting.

Public Hearing Notice

Meeting Notice
Agenda Packet

Meeting Archive Center

DateTypeAgendaMinutesOther Meeting Materials
6/3/2024Special & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting Recording
5/14/2024Regular & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting Recording
4/10/2024RegularAgenda PacketMeeting MinutesMeeting Recording

Benton-Franklin Council of Governments Value Summary

Hanford Communities 2024 Issue Agenda

3/13/2024RegularAgendaMeeting MinutesMeeting Recording
3/1/2024SpecialAgendaMeeting MinutesMeeting Recording
2/14/2024Regular & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting MinutesMeeting Recording
1/10/2024RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
12/18/2023SpecialAgendaMeeting Minutes
12/13/2023RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
11/8/2023Regular & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
10/18/2023RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
10/9/2023Budget WorkshopAgendaMeeting Minutes
10/9/2023SpecialAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
9/13/2023Regular & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
8/21/2023SpecialAgendaMeeting Minutes
8/09/2023Regular & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
7/12/2023Regular & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
6/29/2023SpecialNoneMeeting MinutesMeeting Notice
6/27/2023Special WorkshopAgendaMeeting Minutes
6/14/2023Regular & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
5/24/2023RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
4/12/2023RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
3/08/2023RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
2/08/2023RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
1/30/2023SpecialAgendaMeeting Minutes
1/24/2023Special - WPPA Meet & GreetNoneMeeting Minutes
1/11/2023Regular & EDC MeetingAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes

EDC Minutes
12/14/2022RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
11/08/2022Regular & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes2023 Comprehensive Plan
2023 Final Budget
10/11/2022RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
10/10/2022SpecialAgendaMeeting Minutes2023 Comprehensive Plan - DRAFT
2023 Preliminary Budget - DRAFT
09/14/2022RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
08/10/2022Regular & Public HearingAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
07/13/2022RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
06/15/2022RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
05/18/2022RegularAgenda PacketMeeting Minutes
05/03/2022SpecialAgenda PacketMeeting MinutesRevised Draft Redistricting Maps
04/13/2022RegularAgenda PacketMeeting MinutesRevised Draft Redistricting Maps
03/23/2022SpecialAgendaApproved MinutesDraft Redistricting Maps
03/09/2022RegularAgenda PacketApproved MinutesDraft Airport Ground Lease Agreement
02/18/2022SpecialAgenda PacketApproved MinutesAirport Regulations and Minimum Standards (Draft)
02/16/2022RegularAgenda PacketApproved Minutes
01/12/2022Regular & EDC MeetingAgenda PacketApproved Minutes

EDC Meeting Minutes
12/14/2021RegularApproved Minutes
11/29/2021SpecialApproved Minutes
11/22/2021SpecialApproved Minutes
11/10/2021RegularApproved Minutes
10/13/2021RegularApproved Minutes
10/12/2021SpecialApproved Minutes
09/08/2021RegularApproved Minutes
08/17/2021RegularApproved Minutes
07/14/2021RegularApproved Minutes
06/16/2021RegularApproved Minutes
05/12/2021RegularApproved Minutes
04/21/2021RegularApproved Minutes
03/10/2021RegularApproved Minutes
02/10/2021RegularApproved Minutes
01/13/2021RegularApproved Minutes
01/13/2021Economic Development CorporationMinutes

Closed, but still awesome.

  • 1st day of January (New Year’s Day)
  • 3rd Monday of January (Martin Luther King Day)
  • 3rd Monday of February (President’s Day)
  • Last Monday of May (Memorial Day)
  • 19th day of June (Juneteenth)
  • 4th day of July (Independence Day)
  • 1st Monday in September (Labor Day)
  • 11th day of November (Veteran’s Day)
  • 4th Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day)
  • The day immediately following Thanksgiving Day
  • 25th day of December (Christmas Day)