The Port of Benton is dedicated to providing quality projects across our district. The following are current examples of projects in the works.


The Port of Benton’s, Richland Airport will be undergoing an extensive Pavement Rehabilitation Project that will begin on August 14, 2017 and conclude on or about the September 6, 2017.  This work will include crack sealing, seal coating, and new pavement markings on various pavement areas at the airport.

pdf Port of Benton_SWMP_Plan_Update_2020
pdf Richland Airport Pavement Rehabilitation Press Release
Richland Airport Construction Schedule


In accordance with RCW 39.08.030:

Any laborer, mechanic, subcontractor, materialman or person claiming to have supplied material, provisions or goods for the prosecution of such work or the making of such improvements who has not been paid should present to and file with the Board of Commissioners a notice in accordance with RCW 39.08.030 and within the time set forth herein.


Joseph Walker
Airports Manager
email joewalker@portofbenton.com

Sheri Collins
Administrative Assistant
email collins@portofbenton.com

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