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Meeting Room
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Port meeting rooms are available for nonprofit organizations to conduct nonprofit, civic, community and cultural or educational related activities. The rooms are also available to current tenants as a Port offered amenity. Port meeting rooms are not available to non-tenants or for-profit groups.

To request the use of a Port meeting room, please complete the form below. We will review your request and contact you with any questions before determining if your request is approved.

Meeting room options include:

  • 3250 Port of Benton Blvd. Commission meeting room – 16 chairs at the table and 10 standalone chairs
  • 3250 Port of Benton Blvd. small conference room – 12 chairs at table
  • 3100 George Washington Way conference room – 20 chairs at table

Port of Benton Response to COVID-19

Public Meeting Room Use Applications will be assessed for compliance with Port, local, state, and federal safety guidance and policies. The Port of Benton reserves the right to deny an application if the request exceeds current safety guidance, policies (or) presents a health risk to Port staff, tenants, or guests. For current guidance on health related restrictions, please visit the Washington Department of Health Website.

Meeting Room Use Form

Public Meeting Room Application

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Closed, but still awesome.

  • 1st day of January (New Year’s Day)
  • 3rd Monday of January (Martin Luther King Day)
  • 3rd Monday of February (President’s Day)
  • Last Monday of May (Memorial Day)
  • 19th day of June (Juneteenth)
  • 4th day of July (Independence Day)
  • 1st Monday in September (Labor Day)
  • 11th day of November (Veteran’s Day)
  • 4th Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day)
  • The day immediately following Thanksgiving Day
  • 25th day of December (Christmas Day)