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Enodav Wine Co.
Opening at Vintners Village in fall 2024/spring 2025


A former law and music student turned winemaker is opening a tasting room and production facility at Port of Benton’s Vintners Village in Prosser.

Enodav Wine Co. winemaker and co-owner David Rodriguez moved from southern California to Argentina in December 2012 to study Enology after encouragement from his parents.

“I was studying music at the time, but was always making wine recommendations, bringing wine to dinners and having chats with sommeliers at restaurants,” David said. “They saw something in me and were the first to say I should turn my love for wine into something more. I remember those conversations vividly.”

David decided to pursue winemaking professionally and started exploring career options.

“I wanted to get my hands dirty,” he said. “I wasn’t great at chemistry or science, but I wanted to make wine, so I grabbed my bag and went to Argentina to study. The teachers there are extremely interesting, passionate and smart people who taught me how to make wine and love science. And many close-to-heart friendships remain from my time there.”

Enodav Wine Co. winemaker and co-owner David Rodriguez (center) at Vintners Village with winery co-owners, his father David  Francisco Gamez and stepmother Viviana Rodriguez following the trio’s purchase of a parcel that will be the future home of Enodav’s tasting room and production facility.

After almost three years in Argentina, David returned to California and explored the wine regions in Washington and Oregon before choosing the Yakima Valley for his new home.

“When I arrived, I wanted to get to know the area better and emailed Trent Ball, the Chair of the Agriculture program at Yakima Valley College,” he said. “Trent replied within 24 hours, and I enrolled in Vineyard Management classes.”

David’s first job was at Zillah’s Two Mountain Winery on the farm. He worked there until 2020 when he became the full-time winemaker for the nearby Dineen Vineyards.

As time passed, David couldn’t stop thinking about making his own wine, so he founded Enodav Wine Co. with his father and stepmother in 2018. The Enodav name combines the Greek word “eno,” which means wine and the first three letters of David’s name.

When ready to make his opening vintage, David turned to his first employer, brothers Matthew and Patrick Rawn, at Two Mountain Winery.

“They were super kind to let me use their equipment and facilities to make my first 50 cases of Syrah and keep my costs low,” David said. “I’m eternally grateful for them.”

Enodav has quickly grown, producing 3,000 cases of wine a year with plans to produce up to 10,000 cases annually within 10 years.

Vintners Village

In October 2023, Enodav Wine Co. purchased 2 acres from Port of Benton at Vintners Village in Prosser to build a wine-tasting room and production space to support their growth.

“Because of all the wineries tucked together at Vintners Village, its direct-to-consumer percentage of sales pre-COVID was higher than the rest of the lower valley from Yakima to the Tri-Cities,” David said. “It’s an excellent atmosphere with a substantial flow of people, an RV park and many great things and events happening, and I believe Vintners Village is returning stronger than ever.”

The Enodav team’s dream is to grow and create as many jobs as possible to help others in the industry, starting at Vintners Village.

“Port of Benton has been fantastic to work with and supportive every step of the way, from the land purchase to meetings and guidance,” David said. “Also, Prosser has been welcoming and easy to work with.”

Enodav’s specialty is its versatility. Their wines include easy-to-drink whites, reds that can be chilled in the summer, and big, bold reds that are best paired with food.

“When people come to Enodav, they can explore different wines and expand their horizons,” David said. “I like to see people’s faces light up with surprise when they try a wine they didn’t think they would like. I want everyone to find a new favorite or two for their tables, families and gatherings.”

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