Located along the Columbia River at river mile 343 in Richland Washington, the Port of Benton is home to more than 2,500 acres of industrial property. Facilities and properties include 250 acres of waterfront, office and research park sites where the barge slip is located the low dock barge slip is leased and controlled by the Department of the Navy, with industrial access upon authorization.

Contact Information:

Diahann Howard, PPM
Executive Director
Office: 509-375-3060

Navy Contact:
Darrel Dye (206) 476-8544


The Port of Benton’s barge slip is not a fully developed terminal facility.

  • Harbor(s): 1
  • Berth(s): 1
  • Bulkhead: elevation 344’MSL, width 96’, slip size 60’wide x 100’ length.
  • Container Crane(s): The site offers mobile crane services with operator (Lampson International Inc.) for offloading. Upland ringer crane service north end of site, also coordinated with operator (Lampson International Inc.).
  • Depth: 15 ft. (slip bottom 330’MSL), normal water level 340’MSL.
  • Facilities:
    • Vacant land adjacent for industrial staging uses.
    • Site is in proximity to transload, intermodal and industrial facilities (1 Mile, access road 30’wide)
    • Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ-subzone) #203


  • Depth: 15 Feet
  • Berth(s): 1
  • Cargo Handling Capabilities: Intermodal, Unit and Manifest Capable
  • Rail-Served: Intermodal, Unit and Manifest Capable
  • Rates: low dock use fee is $1,500 plus leasehold excise tax (12.84%), plus Wharfage fee dependent upon cargo type (minimum $11.00 per ton)

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