Port of Benton Seeks A Facilities Manager

Port of Benton Seeks Qualified Manager of Airport(s)

Facilities Manager Position Overview

The Port of Benton fosters economic development, trade, and tourism by providing quality infrastructure and multi-modal transportation to a variety of locations throughout the Tri-Cities region. Located in the Southeast region of Washington State, the Port of Benton is located in Richland, Washington and is committed to serving its customers, tenants, and a cross-section of business communities throughout the Tri-Cities area.

The Facilities Manager is responsible for overseeing the Port’s land and service assets to include approximately 50 light industry and commercial buildings, available land and real estate, two small airports, and a rail system.

This position reports directly to the Executive Director and serves on the Leadership Team.

The position is FLSA exempt and typically works a Monday-Friday work week, but will also be required to respond to emergencies or special events on weekends.

Manager of Airport(s) Position Overview

This manager reports directly to the Executive Director and is responsible for managing the operational and managerial activities of the Port’s two airports, which are located near the cities of Richland and Prosser. Responsible for overseeing all aviation activities at both airports, this manager is responsible for working closely with tenants, stakeholders, and regulatory officials to ensure the airports are operationally safe, responsive to customers, productive, and fiscally efficient. The Richland airport offers two runways, localized approach communications, re-fueling services, base operation over 150 ties down slots, and pilot services.

The Airport Manager is part of the Leadership Team and works collaboratively with the Finance, Real Estate/Property Management, and Facilities/ Engineering managers to ensure the Port serves its customers, community partners, stakeholders, and economic sustainability of the region.

The employee must respond to emergencies on 24/7 bases but typically works a Monday-Friday workweek. The position is FLSA exempt.

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