The Port of Benton is searching for a highly qualified individual to lead our small works construction projects and maintenance team to help ensure our facilities and sites are kept to a high standard for our tenants and stakeholders. The individual will be responsible for leading and managing construction projects, small works projects, scheduling our maintenance department and work order software and overseeing the continuous improvement of the Port’s assets. Responsibilities for management of all operations, facilities, ground, landscaping and equipment within all buildings. This position requires the individual to perform preventative maintenance, repair, remodeling and new construction. The position requires independent judgement on issues that are complex, interpretive and evaluative in nature and often require collaboration with management staff from other departments and at the executive level. Duties will include but are not limited to the following:

• Consistent communication with maintenance team, manage workflow and software work order system
• Coordinate the Ports annual construction projects. Oversee the projects performed on the small works effort
• Prepare Requests for Proposals/Qualifications for a variety of construction or land development projects.
• Conduct and document regular facilities inspections
• Manage budgets related to the construction projects. This will include preparation of construction estimates for a variety of projects.
• Coordinate and inspect work performed by outside vendors and contractors
• Develop and implement a building and ground maintenance program using studies and/or plans on economic replacement schedules and periodic comprehensive inspection. Ensure and create efficient repair schedules and review repair cost estimates
• Prioritize the maintenance and repairs of Port assets (building, facilities, roads)
• Implement safety policies and procedures for the maintenance department
• Ensure proper training and customer service
• Coordinate between Maintenance Supervisor and Management team
• Assist and provide support for Maintenance Supervisor in scheduling and leading of safety meetings and ensure efficient utilization of facility maintenance staff
• Assist Maintenance Supervisor with tenant issues and concerns
• Assist Maintenance Supervisor with planning and implementation of winter operations, including snow removal, ice prevention and control for all sites
• Assist in development of capital, facilities plan and budget responsibility for all repairs, remodeling and new construction
• Implement best practices to increase efficiency
The qualified individual must have the following skills:
• Facilities Management, Facilities Engineering college degree or similar degree desired
• Supervisory experience in facilities management and planning
• Effective communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills
• High level of organizational, project management and prioritization skills
• A strong working knowledge of construction management concepts, including electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems
• Customer service and team work oriented
• Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access
• Experience reading and working with CAD files
• Knowledge of Washington State Laws re: bidding, procurement and prevailing wage

Job Description – Facilities Manager
Job Application 7-5-19

Please Return To:

3250 Port of Benton Blvd.
Richland, WA 99352
Fax: (509) 375-5287

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