Cranes and Elevated Work Platforms

This section is intended to provide information to operators of cranes and elevated work platforms (aka, cherry pickers, boom lifts, person lifts, basket cranes, hydraladders, etc.) to help ensure the safety to aircraft operating at or near the Richland Airport (RLD).

Please verify all information independently.

It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that all federal aviation regulations and state of Washington laws are followed. FAA’s rules must be followed. Failure to do so could result in an unsafe situation for your crane or elevated work platform with nearby aircraft.

In administering Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 77, the prime objectives of the FAA are to promote air safety and the efficient use of the navigable airspace. To accomplish this mission, aeronautical studies are conducted based on information provided by proponents on an FAA Form 7460-1, Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration.

The requirements for filing with the Federal Aviation Administration for proposed structures including use of cranes and elevated work platforms vary based on a number of factors: height, proximity to an airport, location, and frequencies emitted from the structure or equipment, etc.

14 CFR Part 77.9 states that any person/organization who intends to sponsor any of the following construction or alterations must file a Form 7460-1 with the FAA at least 45 days prior to construction if:

• Your structure will exceed 200-ft above ground level;
• Your structure will be in proximity to an airport and will exceed the slope ratio (See Crane.pdf);
• Your structure/equipment will emit frequencies, and does not meet the conditions of the FAA Co-location Policy; or
• Your structure/equipment will be on airport property, regardless of height or elevation.

—Please check for updates to this guidance each you time intend to operate cranes or other elevated work platforms.

Refer to the Attached Richland Structure and Equipment Elevation Height Limits Maps for airspace elevation restrictions surrounding Richland Airports.

Richland Airport Structure and Equipment Elevation

Height Limits Map
Height Limits Map - Industrial
Aeronautical Development Policy

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